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Junior Scout Troop

Our Troop is one of the oldest in Hong Kong. Members are mainly from F.1 to F.4.
The aim of the Troop is to provide our members with opportunities and encouragement to prepare themselves for society as people of standing. Also, training in Scout Troop can help to develop members to be skillful and enjoy in their lives.

As usual, we recruited new members during Scout Week in early September. We really appreciate that more than twenty new members joined our Troop this year. Then, we kept training them so that they can qualify with basic skills to be scouts. The result was satisfactory that most of them can pass this basic qualification.

In order to enhance our members' scouting crafts, we have Troop Meeting every Saturday. During Troop Meetings, there were basic trainings like marching and knotting together with games. Also, there were trainings like camping, backwoods cooking and pioneering, which are covered in some progressive badges. Apart from Troop Meetings, Outings like hiking, camps were also held in Christmas and Easter holidays. They served as a part of the training program. After these, members can know more about wild life and skill of scouting. There was also service such as HK inter-school Athletic Championship.

This year, we are excited that some of our members can get the pathfinder award, which is one of the progressive awards. It really an encouraging result. I hope they would work hard and get other awards in the future. Furthermore, we joined a stall function held by Yau Tsim District this year and the stall we set won the 1st prize in designing compared with others. I am proud of our scouts who help to set this stall.

In fact, this year is quite challenging. However, the invaluable advice of our scout leaders, Mr. Tong Wai Sing, Mr. Seto Wai Wah, efforts of each scouter make this year to be success. I would like to thank them for supports.

  Scout Leaders
Mr. Tong Wai Sing
Mr. Seto Wai Wah

Leung Ho San, Tony 6S

Senior Patrol Leaders
Choy Tsz Hang, Andrew 4Y
Lam Pan, Michael 4Y

Patrol Leaders
Chim Yiu Cheung
Fung Lap Heng
Law King Hei