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Venture Scout Unit

Since the 11th Kowloon Group Venture Scout Unit was established in 1933, we have been
serving Wah Yan for 68 years. Most of our members are promoted from the Junior Scout Troop. Unlike the Scout Troop, the aim of our unit is to provide our members with opportunities to experience leadership and to take parts in social service.

In order to achieve these goals, we participated many activities and social events. We joined and served in the Speed Day, Swimming Gala and the Athletic Meet, etc.

Some of our members help to serve the Scout Troop too. We have organized two wild camps in Christmas and Easter holidays. After these, our members can experience organization and being leaders to the scouts.

For the training of scouting crafts, our members have to keep practicing their skills such as marching and pioneering which they learnt in Scout Troop. Also, they are being trained by attending courses.

Apart from the above, activities such as backwoods cooking and service to the elderly have been joined. They are really remarkable and good times for our members.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Wah Yan and all Scouters for their supports and invaluable advice. I hope our members can really keep serving the Scout Troop, Wah Yan and society in order to achieve 'Man for Others'.

Leung Ho San, Tony

Leung Ho San Tony 6S

Internal Secretary
Lam Pan Michael 4Y

External Secretary
Choy Tze Hang Andrew

Tong Kun Kau Joseph