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Venture Air Scout Unit

The 11th Kowloon Group Venture Air Scout
Unit was established in 1973. It is twenty-nine years old now.

The aim of the Venture Air Scout Unit is to continue the progressive training of the Air Scout Troop members and to ensure that they are given every opportunity and encouragement to take their place in society as young people of standing and worth. After the recruitment of 4 new ventures from the Air Scout Troop, we launched our several joint unit activities in order to give them an opportunity to encourage inter-personal relationship and promote social service.

This year, we organized the UNICEF Joint Unit Service Project 2002 with the 6th West Kowloon Ranger Guide Service Unit of Maryknoll Convent School. This project aimed at serving the primary school children who lack care from parents. We organized 3 services in April, July and August respectively and the scouts and guides showed enthusiastic responses. In this summer vacation, our 29th Anniversary Campfire was held and over 100 guests from 13 units were invited.

I was much appreciated for the help of Mr. Howard Tong, our Group Leader, Mr. Felix Yim, our Scout Leader and Mr. Ambrose Wong, our Assistant Scout Leader. Without their invaluable advice and support, the Venture Air Scout Unit would not be so successful this year.

Keung Man Yin, Anthony

Keung Man Yin, Anthony 6B

Wong Chun Yin ,Billy 6S

General Secretary
Yim Shing Yik, Boris 6S

Financial Secretary
Ching Lun Siu, Adrian 6B

Quarter Master
Ngai Wui Tung, Clark 4K