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How much do you know about our library? Do you know how many books we have?

The workload of a Library Prefect is not much less than a professional librarian. Apart from dealing with the process of book-lending, we also take great care of our collection which consists of 5,510 English fiction, 10,455 English non-fiction and 15,822 Chinese books, a collection of 31,787 books in our library. We put plastic covers on new books and catalogue them into our system, and repair them when they are torn. Besides, we do more than mere library management. Establishing good reading habits for the students is one of our goals. It is also our responsibilities to show them how to fully utilize and take advantage of our library and to teach them practical skills like typing.

We organized activities such as the annual reading scheme and the local bookstores tour, hoping to increase Wahyanites' interests in reading. By participating in those activities, the students might also obtain some other skills such as team building which are useful for them in the future. Although the benefits of attending these mandatory courses might not be seen immediately, we often receive appreciation from students and parents after a certain period. This further proves our job as a Library Prefect, which is worth our efforts and time, and this is what keeps us going.

Being a Library Prefect is not easy. We face immense workload and pressure daily. I am privileged to be chosen as the Chief Library Prefect this year. It was a challenging job to lead a group of elites. I would like to take this opportunity to thank fellow Library Prefects for your hardwork and commitment. You have planted the seed of the sense of belongings in the hearts of the newcomers. Last but not least, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Mr. Norman So, our principal, Ms. Christina Tai, our teacher librarian and our library assistant Ms. Cecilia Mok for their invaluable advice and generous support.

My best wishes to all of you.

Chief Library Prefect
Chun Tin Wai, Tony


Mr. So Chung Ping Norman

Teacher Librarian
Ms. Tai Man Kei Christina

Library Assistant
Ms. Mok Tim Kwan Cecilia

Chief Library Prefect

Chun Tin Wai Tony 6SS

Team Leaders of Library Prefects
Chow Siu Kei Jacky 6B
Leung Pak Ki Ivan 6B
Li Ka Man Steve 6B
Or Siu Chun Alfred 6B
Tsui Un Christopher 6B
Wong Cheuk Ting David 6B
Ng Wai Pui Ronnie 6S
Yip Siu Wing Ken 6S

Library Prefects
Chan Keng Chuen Derek 4W
Fung Man Hong Stephen 4W
Ho Hin Bon 4W
Yeung Pui Chung Patrick 4Y
Chow Ho Yuen Johnny 4K
Hung Hing Lai Henry 4K
Lam Wai Ching 4S
Tse Yu Chi Vinces 4S
Yung Chi Fung Dickson 4S
Man Ka Lok 4J
Ko Pat Fan Vangogh 3W
Kwok Kam Ching Dennis 3Y
So Tai Chung 3Y
Ho Kwong Yan Felix 3K
Lai Chi Ho Lester 3K
Cheung Chun Mo 3S
Cheung Yiu Ki 3S
Chiu Cheuk Lun 3S
Li Siu Cheong 3S
Tong Ming Hei 3S
Tong Ngai Hang 3S
Wong Jason Chak Lam 3S
Yau Ming Sing 3S
Choi Ting Chung 2W
Ip Man Chun 2W
Kung Alvin Yue Hin 2W
Lai Yu Hang 2W
Chan Man Hung 2Y
Kwok Man Hin 2Y
Lee Chi Yuen 2Y
Ho Chun Keung Kelvin 2C
Mak Ho Fai David 2C
Lam Dominic Chi Lok 2K
Li Kai Hang 2K
Li Ngo Chuen Leo 2K
Yuen Pui Hang Felix 2K
Liu Wai Hang 2S
Liu San On 2J