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Students' Careers Working Group

Welcome! Here is the Students?Careers Working Group.

Unlike most clubs and societies, the Students?Careers Working Group is a student organization which does not belong to any of the three major associations. It is under direct supervision of the Careers Committee, which is composed of ten teachers of our school. The purpose of the establishment of such committee is to help students in choosing their future careers. So we, the Students?Careers Working Group, carry the main duty of assisting the Careers Committee.

To start with, I would like to introduce the location of the Careers Room. You may not be aware of the fact that our room is just next to the Headquarters of the Students?Association. The air-conditioned Careers Room provides a good environment for discussions between teachers and students, and also a suitable working place for the Careers Prefects.

Our routine work is to administer the mini-library in the Careers Room. All Wahyanites are welcomes to search, read and loan brochures, prospectuses, videos and CD-ROMs including details of both local and foreign colleges and universities. Information on standard tests, such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is also available. You can get instructional bulletins and application forms from our mini-library. Computers were installed for students to look for information via software and online services. On-duty teachers and Careers Prefects are available to help those who might have any problems in obtaining the information, and to answer their questions.

In addition, our group is responsible for assisting in the organization of a series of talks throughout the year. A seminar on Joint University & Polytechnic Admission System (JUPAS), in which some past students were invited to share their experiences in choosing institutions and majors with the Seventh Formers, was held the day before the Aquatic Meet. Similar seminars for Fifth Formers and Third Formers were held before they made their decisions on the streams they would like to take in Form Six and Form Four respectively.

On behalf of the Students?Careers Working Group, may I express my very gratitude to Mr. Lee Kwok Keung, the Chairperson of Careers Committee and Committee Members Mr. Alan Lam, Mr. Daswani, Mr. Charles Wong, Ms. Cynthia So, Mr. David Lee, Mr. Eugene Lee, Ms. Juanita Lau, Mr. Percival Ho and Mr. Stanislaus Keung, for their invaluable advice and generous support. Last but not least, I must convey my heartfelt thanks to the enthusiastic Careers Prefects for their yearlong assistance.

The Students?Careers Working Group wishes you every success in your careers!

Chief Careers Prefect
Chun Tin Wai, Tony

  Chairperson of Careers Committee
Mr. Lee, Kwok Keung

Members of Careers Committee
Mr. Daswani, Ashok
Mr. Ho Fu Kuen Percival
Mr. Keung Yiu Ming Stanislaus
Mr. Lam Wing Hung Alan
Ms Lau Siu King Juanita
Mr. Lee, Han Kin Eugene
Mr. Lee Hang Kin David
Ms So Ka Yin Cynthia
Mr. Wong, Kwok Wah

Chief Careers Prefect
Chun Tin Wai Tony 6SS

Careers Prefects
Keung Man Yin Anthony 6B
Lam Hon Chi Paul 6S
Chan Kin Ching Justin 6SS
Leung Kar Lok Carl 6SS
Wong Shun Kin 6SS
Tong Wai Lun William 4W
Tung Yuk Lun Kilian 4K
Hung Chung Ming Lester 4S
Tse Yu Chi Vinces 4S
Choi Hon Yick Babyjohn 4J