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Student Computer Team

Once we were responsible for the CD production of The Shield and providing techni-
cal support in the computerisation of the Students' Association. Then we were reformed to provide e-mail, web hosting, mailing list, mailing alias, newsgroup, and online storage for the students. This year, most of the clubs and societies, including the Students' Association, continued to employ our services.

Since the team was built in 1999, every Wahyanite is provided with a personal e-mail account and web storage. Last year, clubs and societies can also have their e-mail account and web space by filling in a simple form and signed by the club advisor. With the servers' upgrades in last summer, we have expanded our services to serve the past students by helping their communication with mailing list and mailing alias. I am sure that more will come into service in the near future.

Thin-client workstations
Our first goal was to recover the thin-client workstations, which were placed in the corridor for providing convenient internet access to students. Due to bad weather and other unfavourable circumstances, the mice and keyboards were soon broken down. However, with the help of a better operating system, there was no report on failing except the hardware problems.

Wireless Network
We are pleased to announce that our school premises are now covered by wireless network access. Students could bring their notebook and the wireless network adapter, fetching an connection to the network of the school, and gain internet access. The wireless network now covers all the buildings except the chapel. More receivers will be installed in the next year.

Photo Bank
The online image data bank system was installed since 2001; it was originally designed to systemize the photos of school events taken by SCT. The Shield Editorial Board was jointed with the SCT this year to share the photos of school events with all students. Even students can upload their own photos to the Photo bank and share with the public. Users can now access over 5000 images by browsing through categories.

Video Editing
This is the third year when we could edit video on our own. It may sound monotonous but it is actually simple and interesting. During school events, you may find a few cinematographers walking around the scene and taking video from various angles. After the events, we will combine the work done by our members with a little bit visual effects and extract the best shots for making a visual report for the whole events.

Recruitment and the Training
Thoughout the year, some of the students showed that they are interested to join the SCT, they were mostly the form 1 and 2 students. We had a short interview with them and gave them some simple tasks, but it was a pity that they were showing neither their skills nor self-motivation. We had promoted only one of the newcomers to be a trainee of SCT. However, we were pleased to see our junior form members who were recruited in the past few years showing a wonderful enthusiasm and spending a great effort to explore in the universe of computer.

On behalf of the Students' Computer Team, I would like to express my very gratitude to our Teacher-in-charge, Mr. Wong Wai Leung, our Staff Consultant, Fan Ming Kuen George, all the present and graduated members for their devote and support. I wish our member would continue their quest, bringing the new realms of computer technology to our fellow students.

Tse Lap Tak (Beda)



Wong Wai Leung

Staff Consultant
Fan Ming Kuen George
Lau Yuk Hong

Tse Lap Tak Beda 6SS

Technical Consultant
Szeto Kit Pang Donald 5Y

Designing Consultant
Wu Hing Ki Jackie 5Y

Lam Hoi Chi Paul 6S
Chan Fai Wa Roy 6SS
Ng Wai On Marty 6SS


Li Lap Yin Terence 6SS

Graphics Designers
Li Kwan Ho Owen 4S

3D Graphics Designers

Tang Yau Lun Alan 6B
Wong Tsz Shing 3W

Newsgroup Moderators
Lee Pui Chung Jacky 6S
Ng Chun Ming Keith 6S
Mu Ka Hoo Chris 5S

Senior Technical Support
Tung Chin Pang 6S

Video and Photography (Photography)
Law Tsz Yan Victor 4K

Unit Student-in-charge (Video)
Mok Chi Pan Oscar 4Y


Lam Ho Fung Peter 4K
Shing Siu Hong Danny 4K
Leung Yu Tian Kelvin 4S
Chow Ho Ming Ken 3W

Lam Chi Hoi Alvin 4Y
Chau Chun Man Sky 4S
Law Tsz Wai Vincent 1K