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Stage Management Team

We are the MEN IN BLACK hiding behind the scene.

The Stage Management Team (SMT) does not attract much attention from our schoolmates, but undoubtedly, the team plays an important role before, during and after every performance or functions held in our school hall.

The increasing number of functions held in our school hall help us improve our skills and techniques. It also creates more opportunities for us to face sudden cases, which requires our team members to think about contingencies in advance. By participating in the preparation of the performing arts events, we realized the advantages of having a closely cooperated team. We have also arranged our team members to visit public performing arts venues, such as the Grand Theatre of Hong Kong Cultural Centre, in order to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

On behalf of the Stage Management Team, may I express my warmest gratitude to Mr. Norman So, our Principal and our Assistant Principals Ms. Eva Chau and Mr. Leung Wai Kwong, for their generous support. Also to Mr. John Wong, our Technical Director, for his invaluable technical advice. Last but not least, I must convey my heartfelt thanks to my enthusiastic SMT members for their yearlong assistance. Special thanks to Alex Wong, Eric Ng, Paul Lam, Lester Hung and Vinces Tse for their patience and commitments.

The Stage Management Team wishes you every performance successful.

Chun Tin Wai
Company Stage Manager



  Teacher Advisors
Mr. So Chung Ping Norman
Ms. Chau Suk Man Eva
Mr. Leung Wai Kwong

Stage Manager

Chun Tin Wai Tony 6SS

Deputy Stage Managers
Lam Hon Chi Paul 6S
Li Andrew Vincent 6S
Leung Kar Lok Carl 6SS
Wong Man Chung Alex 6SS

Assistant Stage Managers
Keung Man Yin Anthony 6B
Ng Kwok Kit Eric 6SS
Tse Lap Tak Beda a6SS
Hung Chung Ming Lester 4S
Tse Yu Chi Vinces 4S

Senior Stage-hands
Chan Chun Ho William 6B
Chow Hin Ting Leonard 6B
Chan Fai Wa 6SS
Ng Wai On Marty 6SS
Au Yeung Hau Ying Horest 4S
Ip Ting Keung Felix 4S
Pak Wing Yiu Nance 4J

Tang Yau Lun Alan 6B
Koo Yip Yan 6S
Yip Siu Wing Ken 6S
Chan Kin Ching Justin 6SS
Fung Aaron Bob Len 6SS
Wong Shun Kin 6SS
Cheung Chung Pan 4Y
Choy Tse Hang Andrew 4Y
Lee Man Yuen Brian 4Y
Leung Ki Chun Frankie 4Y
Lung Ming Kit 4Y
Chan Ka Kit Christopher 4K
Chan Koon Kiu Wilson 4K
Chan Wing Him Nelson 4K
Ching Tsz Kin Chris 4K
Ngai Wui Tung Clark 4K
Yeung Hoi Man 4K
Au Wing Ho Ringo 4S
Chau Chun Man Davy 4S
Chin Wai Yu Raymond 4S
Hau Chun Hei Jeffrey 4S
Ho Chun Wai William 4S
Keung Pui Yin Stephen 4S
Lau Tin Hang Eddie 4S
Yeung Kin Man Frankie 4S
Chiu Chi Hon Ryan 4J
Lam Chak Tin Andy 4J
Lo Ka Shing Ronald 4J
Ng Hoi Man Alex 4J