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Prefects' Board

It has been my greatest honour to head the Prefects'
Board and to work alongside a team of supportive prefects.

Being a prefect means more than just patrolling corridors and escorting injured students to Kwong Wah Hospital; it is more of a commitment, with an accompanying sense of discipline, altruism and responsibility. Very much in accordance with the Wah Yan Spirit, it concerns the willingness to serve others, and of course, the school.

Under the guidance of the Wah Yan Spirit, we have been most successful in serving our fellow schoolmates, although much of the year has not been all plain sailing. Every effort has been made to tackle problems such as the shortage of stock arising from the increase in demand for composition paper. Thanks to the helpful assistance of all prefects, important events throughout the academic year, including the Swimming Gala, the Athletics Meet and Speech Day, were able to run smoothly.

There are certain myths about prefects that ought to be dispelled, for instance, that prefects are abnormal beings chosen merely for their "obedience" - taking orders without a thought. Allow me to clarify that for you: Prefects also need to be sensible and proactive so that when the need arises, they can demonstrate leadership skills to take control of the scene. Through joint school activities, prefects are provided with the opportunity to exchange ideas and ideals with their counterparts from other schools. A two-day programme was co-organised with St.Rose of Lima this year to serve this purpose, with the emphasis on the development of leadership skills and communication skills.

Finally, I would like to wish next year's Prefects' Board the very best of luck with the duties ahead.

Mai Ming
Head Prefect




Mai Ming David 6S

Deputy Head-Prefect:

Leung Kar Lok Carl 6SS

General Secretary:

Wong Cheuk Ting 6B


Ho Tak Kei 6S
Lam Kanber Kenneth 6S
Lee Pui Chung 6S
Ng Wai Pui 6S
Wong Chi Fung 6S
Wong Chun Yin 6S
Yim Shing Yik 6S
Yip Siu Wing 6S
Chan Cheuk Fai 6B
Chan Chun Ho William 6B
Chan Hon Kei 6B
Cheng Ka King 6B
Keung Man Yin 6B
Tso Ki 6B
Tsui Un Christopher 6B
Yip Chung Ki 6B
Chan Kin Ching 6SS
Chuen Fong Leuk 6SS
Chun Tin Wai 6SS
Lai Pak Kei 6SS
Wong Shun Kin 6SS
Wong Wai Chung Philip 6SS
Kong Cheuk Wing 6SS
Ng Wai On 6SS
Chan Tai Wai 5W
Ho Kai Ming 5W
Woo Wan Shun Vincent 5W
Yu Chun Man 5W
Ho Chun To 5Y
Tsui Felix 5Y
Wu Hing Ki 5Y
Yeung Shu Chih 5Y
Chung Cheuk Hang 5K
Ho Chak Pong 5K
Liu King Shun 5K
Wong Wang Him 5K
Chan Siu Wing 5S
Lau Tai Chi Terry 5S
Pang Tsz Him 5S
Yip Ho Kwen Austin 5S
Lo Wai Kit 5J
Suen Chai 5J
Wong Shek To 5J
Ng Bun 5J
Lam Kei Ho 4W
Ngan Wai Ho 4W
Tang Hoi Chung 4W
Tong Wai Lun 4W
Chan Yat Hei 4Y
Chiu Yiu Keung 4Y
Kwok Chung Yeung 4Y
Kwok Tsz Yeung 4Y
Chow Chun Chi Cecil 4K
Shum Hok Lun Kevin 4K
Tung Yuk Lun 4K
Wan Sheung Tak 4K
Lau Tin Hang Eddie 4S
Luk Henry 4S
Sze Chun Fai 4S
Wong Wai Yin Alan 4S
Chin King Leong 4J
Leung Yu Shui 4J
Man Ka Lok 4J
Wong Wing Cheong 4J