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As the most important day was approaching, everyone could no longer hide his excitement. Our hearts had beaten like symphony since the morning of 23rd of November. It was not a day only for graduates and all Wahyanites sharing their harvest after a year of unconditional devotion; and, without doubt, it was a day filled with joy and cheerfulness.

  Just before the begin of the ceremony, guests, teachers, parents and Wahyanites were having a tea party along the corridor, enjoying the appetizing refreshments. On the other hand, some of them were busy in taking photos, chatting happily. Pleasant smiles were always found on their faces. There was an atmosphere of amicability all around Wah Yan. The graduation ceremony began at 5:45 p.m. Everyone was invited to enter the school hall. As they entered, they were all amazed by the conspicuous backdrop of the stage. It showed some of the significant scenes of Wah Yan. After the arrival of official party, our Assistant Principal, Miss Chau Suk Man Eva delivered the word of welcome as the opening of the ceremony. It was followed by the address presented by Mr. Norman So, our Principal. He also introduced our guest, Dr. Lam Chi Chung, Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Afterwards, Mr. Norman So was delighted to announce the management and the administration of our school had been in good order.


   Certificates and encouragement were presented to all graduates and prize winners. They were excited so much as their dedicated work had been recognized. Climax of the night was brought while special awards were given to Miss Christina Tai, Mr. Damien Ching, Mr. Stanislaus Keung Mr. Ho Lai Hang and Mr. Lo Tai Fook for their long service in Wah Yan. Students gave a standing ovation and the deafening applause lasted for a long while. After that, Mr. Nelson Ho, the Chairman of Wah Yan College Kowloon Past Students' Association presented the Outstanding Students' Awards. The three Outstanding Students, namely Mai Ming David, Chan Chun Ho William and Ng Wai Pui Ronnie, received the greatest honor this year. Mai Ming was chosen to be the Student Ambassador.

  Following that, Vote of thanks by Chan Chun Ho William, the Chairman of Students' Association, was given. He congratulated the graduates and thanked our school for her teaching. After the marvelous performance of Orchestra and the Full Choir, everyone stood up and sang the school hymn. That was the most touching moment throughout the day while it indicated the end of Speech Day 2001 with great success.