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Principal's Report

There was so shortfall in the implementation of the programme plans of the different departments.

The School Management Committee met seven times on 14 September 2000, 19 October 2000, 11 January 2001 , 29 March 2001, 7 June 2001, 27 June 2001 and 17 July 2001. Two extraordinary meetings were called to discuss matters related to the School Improvement Programme. In addition to these meetings, the Supervisor had weekly meetings with the Principal, sometimes accompanied by the Assistant Principals, during term time.

The School Advisory Committee met four times on 5 October 2000, 2 January 2001, 12 March 2001 and 24 May 2001.

The whole academic staff met before the school year started on 1 September 2000. Staff meetings were held once a month from September 2000 to June 2001. Meetings of all the teachers without the Principal and the Assistant Principals were held to discuss matters that would be more freely reviewed in their absence.

Every subject panel held a formal panel meeting in each of the three terms. After the third meeting, each department submitted an annual plan of action for 2001-2002.

Wah Yan College, Kowloon hosted the Annual Reunion of the staffs of the two Wah Yans. An interesting input by the Supervisor on Learning Styles was followed by a buffet lunch. The function was well received by teachers.

Parents' Day for Form One was held in the morning on 29 January 1999 and that for Form Two in the afternoon. Parents' Day for Form Three was held on 25 March 1999.

Open Day 2000 was held on 25 and 26 March 2000.