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Caritas Bazaar is an annual fund-raising event held in Hong Kong which aims at raising funds for the needy and under-privileged in Hong Kong. This year our school has participated in this meaningful event as we did in the previous years.

The Caritas Bazaar Organizing Committee was formed in late August. Since then, our committee members worked very hard aiming at raising as much money as we could for Caritas. Our hard work was paid off since we raised a total of $75526.5 for Caritas, which was slightly higher than that of last year.

The Raffle Tickets
This year we raised a total of $68090 from the sale of raffle tickets. Of the $68090, $59540 was donated by students and $8550 was donated by teachers. The amount raised from raffle tickets was a record high despite the harsh economic conditions in Hong Kong. It was a great success in our raffle ticket section.

This year the organizing committee sold the raffle tickets provided by Caritas. Traditionally, we printed our own raffle tickets and sold them to students in order to raise money for Caritas. But this method was dropped out by us because it takes time to print the tickets and apply a license from the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority. In addition, we didn't have enough man power to find sponsors for the prizes given out in the lucky draw if we print our own tickets. Thus, we used Caritas raffle tickets to raise money for Caritas.

About the Gifts
Although the organising committee started to find sponsors from the end of September, the response was not good. This may be due to the weak economy. The total number of prizes obtained from finding sponsors through contacting factories was minimal.

Luckily, we got a large amount of prizes which included dolls and toys. Mr. Chin Chi Ho, a school maintainer also provided us with 4 boxes of toys. The organizers of Caritas bazaar also provided us with 60 boxes of prizes.

Apart from this, we are also very grateful to Rev. George Zee since he helped them to contact Good Hope School and we contributed more than 15 boxes of gifts. In addition, the Caritas Bazaar Working Committee of Wah Yan College, Hong Kong also donated 12 boxes of gifts to the organizing committee of Wah Yan College, Kowloon which includes cosmetics and toys.

The poor economy made it a daunting task for helpers in this section. We sent countless letters and made hundreds of calls to manufacturers which resulted in no success. We were really lucky because we have established strong ties with the Chapel, Wah Yan College Hong Kong, and received help from Rev. George Zee. Without their generous support, our stalls would have no prizes to give away.